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RWG Xtreme Traction 0521


RWG Xtreme Traction 0521
CAGV 136460
Purebred Gelbvieh Bull
Red, Homozygous Polled

RWG Xtreme Traction 0521 (“XT”) has quickly made his mark; noted for producing phenomenal daughters with great teat and udder systems, added capacity, fertility, and production. Daughters that have a combined 104 nursing index! His progeny excel in early maturity, with added muscle shape, depth of quarter, and are big topped with clean made front ends and beautiful head shape.
RWG Xtreme Traction 0521 is backed by two of the most productive cow families at Royal Western Gelbvieh- the “Goodnight” and the “Kitty” cow families. They are highly regarded for their fertility, beautiful teat and udder systems, and real world beef production. XT’s dam posts an average progeny weaning index of 115, yearling index of 107, REA of 109 and IMF of 109, and her own daughters in production post a combined nursing index of 103.

XT is homo polled. Use him to add highly profitable progeny, and retain some of the most fertile, productive replacements!



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