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JKGF Ditka C85
AMGV 1322576
50% GV Balancer Bull
Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled
SEMEN $40 or 40 unit packages for $1,000

JKGF DITKA C85, the $28,000 high selling Balancer Bull in the 2016 Genetic Power Sale purchased by Kittle Farms and Coach Mike Ditka, a member of the NFL Hall of Fame and Coach of the 1985 Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears. Ditka C85 is a homozygous black, homozygous polled registered 50% Balancer.

Ditka ranks in the top: 1% CED, REA, 2% WW, YW, FPI, 3% CEM, CW, 10% YG, 15% TM, 25% BW, MB, EPI

The most talked about Balancer bull in the breed in the spring of 2016.  Ditka is a bull that can be used on heifers and cows with a strong genetic cow family and strong carcass values.


Advantages for breeding to JKGF Ditka C85:

  • Add calving ease
  • Add performance
  • Add thickness and power
  • Add marbling




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